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With Demand Surging, Adlook is Now Widely Available in the U.S.

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

NEW YORK, NY - (June 14, 2023) – Adlook, a global mediatech company that drives sustainable brand growth, today officially entered the U.S. market, launching its innovative DSP. Powered by deep learning, Adlook Smart is the first DSP to offer guaranteed media quality using brand performance metrics, empowering marketers to get more from their campaigns and reduce advertising waste. Adlook has been operating exclusively by invitation for the last six months. However, due to the rising demand for its deep learning solutions, it is now expanding access to all U.S. brands and agencies.

"Adlook's U.S. launch heralds a new age in ad technology, enabling brands to achieve sustainable growth by harmonizing brand-marketing with performance," said Patrick Roman Gut, Vice President US, Adlook. "Our deep learning capabilities are proven and unique, and set us apart in a competitive marketplace. They empower us to deliver exceptional results for a rapidly-expanding roster of Fortune 500 brands and agencies."

Already in use by top clients, like Kraft Heinz, IPG Mediabrands, Sanofi, SC Johnson, Mars, and PEPSICO, the Adlook platform harnesses proprietary deep learning technology to guarantee performance for brand marketers and their agencies across channels and markets. It offers extensive, premium, brand-safe inventory in mobile, desktop, and CTV, with a global reach spanning over 85 markets. Adlook campaigns also incorporate adaptable creative elements optimized for user devices in multiple formats to maximize engagement on all screens. The company was established as part of the RTB House group, a recognized expert in deep learning and cookieless solutions.

Leveraging Adook leads to a 47% increase in video completion rate, an average in-view time of over 21 seconds, and a remarkable 33% increase in viewability for brands. It also significantly boosts the click-through rate (CTR) by 75%, driving higher engagement. The company’s results are third-party audited and verified by partners such as DoubleVerify (DV), Integral Ad Science (IAS), Adelaide, Comscore, and MOAT.

Adlook Smart will revolutionize brand marketing with DSP solutions that maximize brand performance, fuels sustainable growth, and outperform industry benchmarks. Adlook’s technology not only identifies the right consumer but also determines the optimal moment to engage them for maximum impact. It takes into account all situational signals—including bidstream, contextual, and search—and processes them in real-time to assess the likelihood of achieving the desired outcome, thus optimizing ad placement decisions. Importantly, it accomplishes this level of performance without dependency on cookie data.

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Adlook and leveraging their deep learning technology to offer a redefined perspective on how a DSP can enable brand growth,” said Kara Manatt, EVP Intelligence Solutions, MAGNA. “With Adlook, we are entering a new era of branding, one that applies performance principles to brand fundamentals enabling brands to grow sustainably. The ability to guarantee brand performance across multiple key brand metrics - attention, reach, engagement and lift - could be a real game changer for the industry, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have for our clients.”

Adlook acknowledges the profound impact of each wasted impression on the environment and emphasizes the significance of conscious decision-making in advertising endeavors. Pioneering zero ad waste solutions are vital in attaining genuine net zero carbon emissions. With that in mind, the company believes that it is crucial to not just offset emissions, but to take proactive measures and work at the source to decrease them. To that end, Adlook helps brands achieve their carbon neutral milestones without compromising media performance, and is a proud member of Ad Net Zero in the US. Adlook works with Ad Net Zero to decarbonize ad operations and promote sustainable products, services, and behaviors.

Advertisers and agencies interested in learning more about Adlook's deep learning-powered sustainable brand growth platform are invited to set up briefings with the team for Cannes Lions 2023. At the event, the company will be participating in a series of events. Advertisers and agencies can join the team at Ad Net Zero’s exhibition space throughout the festival, attend the company’s breakfast panel discussion on June 20th at The Martinez Hotel, and participate in the Sustainability Summit on June 22nd at the Hilltop Beet.TV Villa. For more information, email

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