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Advertising in the User-Centric Mediaverse: How the New Era of Media Consumption is Changing Everything

Jonathan Elliott talks to Evan Shapiro about the transformation of the media landscape with connected TVs and YouTube at the forefront.

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Question the status quo and look for the business impact: Balazs Ordodi on successful strategies for data-driven marketing

The Global IT Digital Lead with pharma giant Bayer comes from a background in marketing and has followed a natural evolution to his role today after a career focused on digital strategies, attaining knowledge about data assessment and technology solutions. He tells Tina Nielsen about the challenges in digital marketing today and why less is often more when it comes to data.

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Navigating cultures and markets: Marcela Panhota on tailoring digital marketing strategies to different environments and audiences

The Brazilian marketer has developed digital strategies for companies in her home country, France and Spain before settling in Lisbon, Portugal where her role as integrated marketing communications manager for CPG group Bel allows her to draw on experiences from her 17-year career. Tina Nielsen spoke to Marcela about the direction of travel for digital marketing and the current trends and challenges for marketers.

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Embedding a Curiosity Mindset: Fostering Change in Marketing Briefs with GSK

When Jim DeLash, Omnichannel Marketing Director at GSK, read the results of a 2021 survey about marketers' Briefs to agencies, he was shocked by the misalignment of perspectives it revealed. He decided to do some research of his own about what was going on in GSK and, in response to that, launched The Isosceles Project. It was a bold attempt to improve the Briefs from his marketing teams, raise the agencies' game, and build solid metrics and testing into the Brief from day one. He talked about the ups and downs of his triangular journey with Jonathan Elliott.

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Navigating the New Communication Economy

Willie Taminato, CEO of EssenceMediacom Brazil, explores the limitless possibilities in digital communication, emphasizing smart technology usage and the emergence of the New Communication Economy.

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A Climate of Change

Rachel Schnorr uncovers the surprising impact of ads on carbon emissions and the sustainability-performance connection. Learn how AI is shaping the future of green advertising.

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AU Metrics: redefining advertising quality with Marc Guldimann

Predicting attention with precision - explore the future of advertising with Adelaide Metrics and their game-changing AU media quality metric.

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Steering L'Oréal through digital revolution: Lex Bradshaw-Zanger's formula for success in a fast-paced consumer world

From the intricacies of assimilating expert contributions to ensuring products resonate with vocal consumers, Bradshaw-Zanger offers a holistic view of the ever-changing consumer landscape. His vision of marketing as a symphonic ensemble showcases the prowess of L’Oréal in adapting, evolving, and setting trends.

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The Evolution of Advertising Technology: Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI

One of the most original thinkers in advertising, Graham Wilkinson at Kinesso has delved into how generative AI and lookalike audiences are transforming the industry. He discusses the pros and cons of employing these powerful new tools, how companies and consumers are likely to adapt in future and how he advises clients to respond to a rapidly changing landscape.

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Creative Brand Advertising: the secret to successful digital brand campaigns

Describing the visual difference between a performance and a branding campaign is not so easy

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