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SPO Excellence: Redefining Brand Dynamics - panel session at Advertising Week New York, with UM Worldwide, Kinesso, and Adlook.

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

Navigating the Future of Advertising: SPO, Attention Metrics, and Sustainability

In a dynamic panel session at Advertising Week New York, experts from UM Worldwide, Kinesso, and Adlook – we hosted the panel – converged to discuss a pivotal transformation in the advertising landscape—Supply-Path Optimization (SPO) Excellence. SPO is a strategy that focuses on streamlining the route by which ad inventory reaches marketers, making it more efficient and effective. 

The panel explored not only the far-reaching implications of SPO but also the rising importance of attention metrics and the critical role of sustainability in advertising. This piece encapsulates the key takeaways and sheds light on the evolving dynamics of brand marketing today.

SPO Emerges as a Hot Topic

The advertising industry has experienced a seismic shift with the advent of SPO. Far from being just another buzzword, SPO is a crucial strategy that transforms how brands interact with their audiences. Patrick Gut, VP of US Operations at Adlook, succinctly summed up its importance, stating, “SPO is a pivotal strategy in the advertising landscape. It addresses challenges and makes the open web a more attractive space for marketers to leverage."

SPO offers a solution to the complexities of today's advertising ecosystem, promising greater efficiency, transparency, and enhanced experiences for both marketers and consumers. In the ever-changing advertising world, adopting an SPO strategy isn't optional—it's essential.

Value of Attention Metrics

The industry is increasingly shifting its focus toward attention metrics as a primary performance indicator. Attention measures the degree to which audiences engage with media. Melissa Scarlino, VP of Research & Analytics at UM Worldwide, underscored the importance of these metrics. "Attention metrics have the potential to enhance marketing strategies and drive brand success. Attention is a leading indicator for measuring advertising effectiveness," she said.

As Scarlino pointed out, attention metrics serve as a reliable yardstick for gauging advertising impact. They offer actionable insights that can form the basis for optimizing media campaigns. In an age of information saturation, capturing the audience's attention is crucial. Attention metrics can refine marketing strategies and significantly contribute to brand success.

Sustainability and SPO

The panel also ventured into sustainability, extending the conversation beyond traditional advertising topics. In the SPO context, sustainability is intricately linked to reducing carbon emissions and lessening the environmental impact of advertising campaigns. Chase Bailey, Associate Director of Addressable Strategy at Kinesso, highlighted the growing integration of sustainability into SPO strategies. "Sustainability is inherently related to the overall SPO strategy. Avoiding high carbon-emitting sites drives efficiencies and contributes to the goal of increasing working media dollars for clients," he explained.

By incorporating sustainability into SPO strategies, brands can lower their carbon footprint while maximizing return on investment—a win-win scenario for both the planet and the business.

Pre-Bid Optimization: The New Frontier

Traditionally, attention and sustainability metrics have been utilized post-bid for optimizing advertising campaigns. However, the industry is witnessing a paradigm shift as these metrics are increasingly employed for pre-bid optimization. This approach offers multiple advantages—it saves money and helps circumvent malicious actors who might manipulate attention metrics. Adlook supports this new approach through strategic partnerships with Adelaide for attention metrics and Scope3 for sustainability.

By optimizing for attention and sustainability before the bid, advertisers can make more informed decisions, leading to more effective campaigns and reduced waste. This aligns perfectly with the overarching goals of SPO, creating a more cohesive and potent advertising strategy.


In conclusion, SPO is not merely a topic of discussion; it's a transformational strategy that holds the keys to the future of advertising. With attention metrics and sustainability, it becomes a potent force that can drive brand success and reduce the environmental impact. The industry's future lies in its ability to adapt to these changes and emerge as a catalyst for both effective marketing and environmental responsibility.

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