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Adlook Launches GreenPath, Helping Advertisers Maximize Sustainability & Performance Without Sacrificing Either

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

New York — 16 June 2023 — Adlook, a global advertising technology company that drives sustainable brand growth, today announced the launch of GreenPath, powered by Scope3. GreenPath is a groundbreaking new adtech solution that enables sustainable media buying without sacrificing performance. GreenPath allows advertisers to move away from the “either/or” conversation around sustainability and performance to a “yes and” approach, providing an effective way to reduce carbon emissions while still delivering business outcomes.

Adlook continues to fuel brand growth by introducing guaranteed buying models which enable brands to make every single dollar work more effectively. Thanks to GreenPath, advertisers are now able to integrate carbon emission data for reporting and real-time optimization while maintaining their guaranteed performance framework with the click of a button. This will be achieved by integrating Scope3’s emission signals directly into Adlook’s deep learning DSP as a new key bidding variable. By introducing this feature, Adlook can offer guaranteed outcomes whilst reducing the environmental impact of the campaign.

“Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it's a responsibility,” said Martin Bryan, Global Head of Sustainability at IPG Mediabrands, and a GreenPath user at launch. “As the media industry takes steps to reduce its carbon footprint and lead the way towards a greener future, brands can rest assured that sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of performance. The partnership between Adlook and Scope3 does just that, marking the first time in the media space that brands can optimize their emissions while guaranteeing brand outcomes to quantify the impact their media has on the environment, while maintaining high ROI. I’m confident that GreenPath will drive momentum across the programmatic ecosystem as we strive towards more sustainable media practices.”

During Alpha testing, brands using GreenPath were able to outperform brand performance industry benchmarks (VCR, CPCV, VCPM), while reducing emissions by as much as 40%.

With brands not having to sacrifice performance, GreenPath will not only enable brands to scale their adoption of sustainable media buying, but it will also expedite the adoption of more sustainable media practices across the supplier ecosystem as publishers with lower emissions will be prioritized in the bidding process. Performance will no longer be the only input that sets publishers apart. This alignment and incentivization within the programmatic ecosystem ensures that every spent dollar not only delivers sustainable brand growth but also contributes to incentivizing the reduction of the ecosystem's carbon footprint.

"The key to facilitating change is actionability,” said Patrick Roman Gut, Vice President US, Adlook. “The entire industry agrees on the ideal of reducing carbon emissions, but to take action reducing emissions needs to be tangible. That is exactly what GreenPath does. It creates a tangible emission-reducing product that media buyers can action. With the launch of GreenPath, in collaboration with Scope3, we can go beyond ensuring media KPIs like viewability, completion views, and even attention. We can now deliver guaranteed outcomes while lowering emissions with just the click of a button. It’s a game-changing and incredibly timely solution.”

According to Scope3's Q1 2023 State of Sustainable Advertising report, the programmatic advertising industry is responsible for over 215,000 metric tons of carbon emissions per month across five major economies. This is equivalent to more than 24 million gallons of gasoline. Figures like these highlight the importance of taking proactive action to counter our industry’s emissions levels.

Adlook understands that one of the biggest challenges facing brands today is aligning the intent of sustainable media buying practices with the practicality of business outcomes. That is why the company has developed a platform that enables brands to buy media responsibly, responsible to the environment, responsible to consumers, and responsible to the business.

“As the industry becomes more familiar with emissions data and marketers begin using it to inform campaign decisions, using custom carbon offerings is another way to increase emissions efficiencies,” said Brenda Tuohig, Chief Commercial Officer, Scope3. “It’s exciting to see partners like Adlook build out solutions using Scope3 emissions data to give marketers greater control over balancing performance goals with carbon reduction.”

Adlook’s DSP, Adlook Smart, is built on understanding the profound impact of each wasted impression on the environment and emphasizes the significance of conscious decision-making in advertising endeavors. Pioneering zero ad waste solutions are vital in attaining genuine net zero carbon emissions. With that in mind, the company believes that it is crucial to not just offset emissions, but to take proactive measures and work at the source to decrease them. To that end, in addition to the launch of GreenPath, Adlook helps brands achieve their carbon neutral milestones without compromising media performance as a proud member of Ad Net Zero in the US. Adlook works with Ad Net Zero to decarbonize ad operations and promote sustainable products, services, and behaviors.

Advertisers and agencies interested in learning more about GreenPath are invited to meet with the team for Cannes Lions 2023. At the event, the company will be participating in a series of sustainability-focused events. Advertisers and agencies can join the team at Ad Net Zero’s exhibition space throughout the festival, attend the company’s breakfast panel discussion on June 20th at The Martinez Hotel, and participate in the Sustainability Summit on June 22nd at the Hilltop Beet.TV Villa. For more information, email

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Adlook is a global mediatech company specializing in guaranteed media performance and zero-ad waste solutions. Our innovative cookieless DSP is powered by industry-leading deep learning technology, enabling next-generation brand growth on the open web.

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