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Adlook is the First DSP in the world to incorporate Chrome Protected Audience API Designed to Replace Third-Party Cookies

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

New York — 12 July 2023 — Adlook, a next-generation brand growth platform is proud to announce that it has become the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) to incorporate Chrome’s newly released Protected Audience API (PAAPI), cementing Adlook’s position as a next-generation brand growth platform. The move helps to further reinforce our leading edge in the cookieless advertising space. 

PAAPI is designed to build user groups based on their online behavior, eliminating the need for third-party cookies to deterministically target users across the open web. This cutting-edge solution arrives as the ultimate solution to phasing out third-party cookies, scheduled for 2024, an event that will disrupt well-established methods of behavioral targeting, and necessitate change on the side of DSPs. 

"The integration of PAAPI allows Adlook Smart users to leverage first-party data and offer all benefits of behavioral ad targeting without third party cookies and privacy flaws related to them" said Mateusz Jedrocha, VP Branding Solutions at Adlook. "We believe this is a pivotal shift in the digital advertising ecosystem, and that by offering it first, we have given our clients an opportunity to become early adopters, and gain an important edge over their competition."

Adlook's PAAPI-enhanced platform provides marketers with an array of powerful tools, including proprietary solutions DeepContext and Deep Search. These offerings equip advertisers to reach their customers with unparalleled precision and scale.

The introduction of PAAPI builds upon Adlook's commitment to leveraging browser APIs as a new market standard. "We have always believed in the potential of browser APIs and have supported their development since day one of our platform" Jedrocha added.

In addition to PAAPI, Adlook Smart also supports other new privacy-safe Chrome APIs like TopicsAPI. All these innovative ecosystem signals are assimilated into the platform and leveraged by Deep Learning algorithms to optimize media spending, ensuring advertisers achieve their desired goals efficiently.

As a forward-thinking company, Adlook continues to pioneer new pathways in a rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape. Our unwavering focus on user privacy and efficient ad targeting drives our commitment to pioneering new pathways. With simplicity and effectiveness at the forefront, we consistently exceed expectations and redefine industry standards.

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