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Adlook Becomes the First DSP to Integrate with Google’s Topics API

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

New York, NY – September 28, 2023 – Adlook, a next-generation brand growth platform, today announced that it has become the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) to integrate with Topics API, a new Privacy Sandbox proposal by Google for interest-based advertising. This integration solidifies Adlook's reputation as a forward-thinking leader in the advertising technology landscape. By embracing the Topics API, Adlook paves the way for advertisers to tap into a value-rich ecosystem that guarantees scale and transparency. With this integration, advertisers can efficiently allocate their media budgets without the need for expensive third-party data, ensuring a more cost-effective and user-centric approach. Adlook's industry-first support for Topics API empowers advertisers to unlock new solutions that enhance their advertising strategies and elevate their brand performance.

Powered by the world's largest browser, Chrome, Topics was designed to enhance web privacy for users while providing advertisers with cost-effective tools needed for interest-based advertising at scale. Topics is among Google’s attempts to replace the third-party cookie, aiming to strike a balance between preserving people’s privacy and preserving companies’ abilities to buy and sell targeted ads.

"As one of the earliest adopters of Google's Privacy Sandbox initiative, Adlook has been at the forefront of shaping the future of digital advertising,” said Mateusz Jedrocha, VP, Branding Solutions at Adlook. “As a RTB House Group, we've actively contributed to the development of this ecosystem by sharing proposals, conducting pioneering tests, and embracing these new APIs. Our experience and knowledge in this space set us apart, making us the first to market and enabling us to navigate these complex solutions effectively. Being early adapters and testers positions us to harness the full potential of these new signals and opportunities."

Advertisers leveraging Adlook's platform will benefit from this integration by accessing a more privacy-centric and effective advertising solution. This integration with Topics aligns seamlessly with Adlook's mission to exceed industry standards and client expectations.

‍As a forward-thinking company, Adlook continues to pioneer new pathways in a rapidly evolving digital advertising landscape, driven by its unwavering focus on user privacy and efficient ad targeting. With simplicity and effectiveness at the forefront, Adlook consistently exceeds expectations and redefines industry standards. 

Adlook’s proprietary deep learning technology drives exceptional performance, guaranteeing results for brand marketers while prioritizing user privacy. With premium, brand-safe inventory across mobile, desktop, and CTV channels, Adlook offers a privacy-conscious approach that ensures both effectiveness and data protection for advertisers globally. 

Earlier this year, Adlook launched its innovative DSP – Adlook Smart. Clients using the platform include Kraft Heinz, IPG Mediabrands, Sanofi, SC Johnson, Mars, and PEPSICO among others. 

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