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Adlook arrives in Brazil bringing Deep Learning technology to boost efficiency in branding campaigns

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

Established in 2022, the company enters the Brazilian market with proven results in campaigns for brands such as Brahma, Heinz, and Sanofi. Its exclusive focus is on top-of-the-funnel campaigns, where video formats have demonstrated KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) above market benchmarks, thanks to its innovative AI methodology.

Adlook, a global marketing technology company, announces its entry into the Brazilian digital advertising market with a distinctive approach of using Deep Learning technology throughout its operation. The Adlook platform is cookieless and entirely based on Deep Learning algorithms, ensuring a significant reduction in "ad waste" - reducing inefficiency in buying and managing digital ad inventories available in the country's most premium spaces. Adlook starts engaging with major agencies and advertisers, already showcasing results achieved in branding campaigns for brands like Brahma, Heinz, and Sanofi.

About Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

Deep Learning technology represents the most advanced field of artificial intelligence, enabling Adlook to offer brands high relevance and effectiveness on the open web. By harnessing the power of Deep Learning and building cookieless audiences in real-time, Adlook is prepared for the future of the web, where privacy is a top priority. This new mar-tech company includes all devices and formats available in the market, including Connected TV and game inventories. Moreover, it offers risk-free billing models for brands, such as cost per completed video and Viewability guarantee.

Ana Paula Santamaria Zeizer, VP of Sales Brazil, stated, "We are bringing a unique approach to the Brazilian digital advertising market, offering brands and agencies a DSP technology with a programmatic media ecosystem anchored on two main pillars: efficiency in digital advertising investment and a total commitment to customer data privacy. Thanks to Deep Learning technology, we can guarantee the best results and be a strategic partner in branding campaigns."

Success Cases Exceeding Benchmarks:

Adlook's commitment to positively impact the industry has been demonstrated in two successful campaigns in partnership with Agência África Creative, for the brands Brahma and Heinz. The cookieless campaign for Brahma, themed around the World Cup, achieved a 1.14% CTR (Click-Through Rate) and a 27-second viewing time, surpassing industry benchmarks by 102%. In the Heinz campaign, Adlook ensured a 21-second viewing time, an 86% viewability rate, and a 74% video completion rate. These results exceeded both internal and market benchmarks.

Another successful case involved Sanofi and their agency Jellyfish, in a campaign to launch a new probiotic targeted at adults. The video completion rate reached 85%, 36% above industry benchmarks, proving the communication was effectively reaching the right audience.

About Adlook - The New Platform for Brand Growth:

Adlook is a global media technology company specializing in solutions that reduce ad waste. It is part of the RTB House Group, a leading digital advertising company with expertise in Deep Learning and cookieless technology, present in over 30 local offices and accessing more than 80 markets. Adlook's innovative cookieless DSP is powered by industry-leading Deep Learning technology, driving brand growth on the open web. At Adlook, they are committed to data privacy and sustainability, operating under these two key elements to build a safe and environmentally responsible ecosystem for brand-consumer connections. Their mission is to create impactful interactions with consumers at the most significant moments without compromising engagement.

Since its establishment in 2022, Adlook has partnered with leading inventory providers to offer secure and fraud-free access to premium spaces. As an independent company, they are dedicated to making a positive impact on the industry and helping marketing professionals and agencies successfully drive brand growth in any market. Adlook takes pride in collaborating with major brands like Mars, SC Johnson, Pepsico, Sanofi, Heinz, Unilever, Nestlé, and Budweiser, among others, as well as global agencies like McCann, Publicis, IPG, WPP, and Africa Creative.

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