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Adlook and Adelaide unveil new AU-CPM buying model enabling advertisers to transact on attention metrics

Domino Głowacka
Marketing Manager

New York, United States, April 12, 2023 – Adlook, a next generation brand growth platform for marketers, is proud to partner with Adelaide, the leader in attention-based media quality measurement, to build a Deep Learning-powered AU-CPM buying model. By infusing this new pricing model with placement-level media quality scores generated by Adelaide’s AU metric, marketers can optimize toward their attention goals and boost campaign performance at any Cost Per Mille (CPM) level. This partnership makes Adlook the first demand-side platform (DSP) to offer guaranteed media quality using attention metrics, empowering marketers to get more from their campaigns and reduce advertising waste.

This partnership will help resolve a major pain point for consumer marketers: quantifying media quality and its impact on business outcomes. Reliance on static, imprecise media metrics has led to an oversaturation of highly-viewable but low-quality placements in the market. Unable to discern true media value, advertisers are incentivized to prioritize inexpensive reach over quality media that offers the greatest opportunity for attention and impact.

Adlook’s new AU-CPM buying model solves this challenge by enabling marketers to guarantee media quality using Adelaide’s outcome-based attention metric, AU. Combined with Adlook’s Deep Learning, brands can now improve targeting without inflating CPM to maximize performance.

Adelaide’s AU is an omnichannel media quality metric representing a placement’s probability of attention and subsequent impact. It is generated by a machine learning algorithm trained to proxy full-funnel outcomes from awareness to sales. This past year, Adelaide conducted an analysis of nearly 40 case studies demonstrating how AU has helped advertisers achieve an average of 31% upper-funnel and 56% lower-funnel lift compared to traditional metrics.

“Combining AU with our existing Deep Learning technology is a game changer for consumer advertisers,” explained Luca Filardo, Global Head of Solutions Management. “We can now help advertisers optimize against user attention while routing advertiser budgets to high-attention placements, driving brand growth, and improving exposure. This will help marketers connect with the right audiences, and consumers find products they’ll love. It’s a win-win. In the end, marketers will only pay for targeted levels of attention to ensure their budgets yield maximum exposure and brand recognition.”

“This partnership with Adlook advances our mission to establish a more fair and transparent market where publishers are rewarded for high-quality media, and advertisers can ensure they’re driving predictable business outcomes,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO of Adelaide. “Using outcome-based metrics like AU as the basis for media quality in contracts realigns buyer and seller interests around media quality rather than quantity or cost. We’re thrilled to partner with Adlook to make a positive impact and look forward to continued innovation.”

About Adlook

Adlook is a global mediatech company specializing in guaranteed media performance and zero-ad waste solutions. Our innovative cookieless DSP is powered by industry-leading Deep Learning technology, enabling next-generation brand growth on the open web.

At Adlook, we're committed to sustainability and privacy, operating under the two governing tenants to build a secure, environmentally responsible ecosystem for brand-consumer connections. Our mission is to create impactful interactions with consumers at the most meaningful moments, without ever sacrificing the quality of their engagement.

Since our establishment in 2022, we've partnered with leading inventory suppliers to offer unmatched access to premium inventory that's brand-safe and free from fraud. As an independent business, we're dedicated to making a positive impact in the industry and helping marketers and their agencies successfully drive brand growth in any market. Visit for more information.

About Adelaide

Adelaide is the leader in the rapidly growing field of attention-based media quality measurement. Adelaide’s metric, AU, helps advertisers make better media investment decisions. AU is an omnichannel metric that evaluates thousands of signals to predict attention and drive more efficient outcomes. Since 2019, Adelaide has enabled the world’s top brands to understand media quality across their entire media spend and uncover valuable optimization opportunities to reduce waste and drive better results. Named after the global epicenter of evidence-based marketing in southern Australia, Adelaide is headquartered in New York City. For more information, visit

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