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Adlook Enters Poland, Simplifies Media Buying with AI.

Adlook enables more efficient branding campaign management thanks to Deep Learning algorithms. The AI-driven platform will help Polish marketers make the best advertising decisions tailored to the requirements of a cookieless environment. Bartosz Nowak to head the Polish branch.

Following successes in the USA, UK, France, and Mexico and collaborations with companies like Mars, Unilever, Heinz, and Sanofi, Warsaw-founded Adlook is entering the Polish market, which becomes the sixth country in the company's global expansion. Leveraging the extensive experience of its parent company RTB House, the platform allows efficient media management and purchasing based on Deep Learning algorithms that test in real time and select formats guaranteeing maximum communication efficiency between the brand and consumers. Through cooperation with Chrome and participation in the Privacy Sandbox initiative, Adlook is already offering pioneering cookieless solutions that will become essential from 2024 to reach users of the most popular browser in the market.

Warsaw, November 6, 2023 – The development of artificial intelligence, which we have observed with particular intensity since the beginning of the year, has opened up new possibilities for practically every industry. Marketers have eagerly adopted various AI-based tools, seeing in them the chance to improve work and constantly increase efficiency.

Deep Learning algorithms, which are gaining popularity thanks to innovative tools like ChatGPT, are the foundation of Adlook's operations. The company was founded last year by RTB House and currently plays a strategic role in the Group's portfolio alongside companies such as Senuto and Whitepress. Adlook is specializing in efficient media purchasing on the open web and guaranteeing results, as well as offering solutions that enable marketers to communicate effectively with users in the cookieless era.

Adlook's products are constantly adapted to current trends and regulations concerning online privacy protection. As a member of the Privacy Sandbox initiative, the Adlook team co-created technological solutions implemented in Chrome – a browser used by 63% of consumers – enabling effective ad targeting once it stops supporting cookie files. According to announcements, Chrome will stop supporting so-called cookies by 2024, thereby requiring marketers to use alternative, safer solutions.

Adlook is one of the first platforms that already uses cookieless mechanisms in the Chrome ecosystem, including the Topics API, which allows advertisers behavioral targeting. This allows for a constant increase in their effectiveness in times when restricted access to user data becomes a challenge for every marketer running branding campaigns.

Adlook – how it works

Thanks to the use of the latest AI solutions enabling targeting, measurement, and media purchasing, as well as a series of partnerships – including with Comscore, Adelaide, Nielsen, or Scope3 – the Adlook platform helps brands, media houses, and agencies manage advertising campaigns efficiently and economically. Deep Learning algorithms, which are the basis of the platform's operation, guarantee a significant reduction in expenses related to the broadcasting of ineffective ads. Adlook offers access to key online advertising formats on the market, including Connected TV and In-Game Advertising.

The platform offers two collaboration models. In the first model, advertisers can use the services of Adlook experts, together developing the most effective media strategies. In the second, they can work in a self-service model, allowing for independent setting, managing, and optimizing branding campaigns.

Bartosz Nowak at the helm of Adlook in Poland

The Polish branch of the company is managed by Bartosz Nowak, Sales Director. He is a manager with over twenty years of experience in marketing and sales, which he gained in companies such as Spider’s Web, Agora, TVN, and Ströer. "Polish marketers eagerly adopt all technological novelties and can use them to their advantage," says Bartosz Nowak. "Adlook is based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms: Deep Learning. Thanks to this, we can deliver effective and relevant ads where they have a real chance of conversion, with a guarantee of results and payments only for full video views. Our successes and experience from markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or Brazil, combined with local expertise, contribute not only to increased efficiency but also to building a sustainable advertising ecosystem."

Łukasz Abgarowicz, VP of Sales at Adlook, adds: "One of the pillars of our activity is data safety. In the near future, privacy online will be a marketing standard, so this is one of the foundations of the products we offer to marketers. Our solutions from the very beginning are built in accordance with this direction, regardless of the devices or advertising formats our clients use."

Adlook was established in 2022 as part of the RTB House Group. It is present in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, and now also in Poland. In its global portfolio, it has brands such as Mars, SC Johnson, Pepsico, Sanofi, Heinz, Unilever, Nestlé, and Budweiser, as well as agencies: McCann, Publicis, IPG, WPP, Africa Creative.

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